She Boss


The She Boss Project is a double-pronged platform designed by Business Academy Africa to find and support women who will or are solving their community problems through products or services. (BAAF) these platforms are The SheBoss tech and The SheBoss Community.

SheBoss Tech

The huge gap of lack of female founders in the tech business ecosystem and building the capacity of budding female technology founders and entrepreneurs with business strategy, clinics, coaching, mentoring, and fund support. It also opens the female founder to a network and community of business experts to keep her accountable. This is a digital program open to Idea or early-stage women-led businesses across Africa.

The SheBoss Tech aims to :

1. Build the capacity of female tech entrepreneurs to become, attract, develop and retain quality talent.

2. Support more women to take up senior and junior jobs in tech.

3. Create more women tech founders.

4. Give more women opportunities to learn relevant skills in tech.

SheBoss Community

The SheBoss community program is based on the theory that women’s participation in the workforce and in income generation boosts economic growth and has an impact on society as a whole; equal access for women to the land and other economic inputs increases productivity by 20 or 30 percent and reduces the number of people suffering from hunger and poverty.

The SheBoss Community aims to:

1. Enhance the ways in which women-led Community businesses leverage technology to better serve their market.

2. Build the capacity of women-led community businesses to secure capital.

3. Catalyze the expansion efforts of women-led community businesses in the African market.

4. Create access to market opportunities.